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Ads fueled with insights,
not guesswork

Dread handing over your campaigns to others, only to see promised results vanish into thin air? Let's face it - clicks and impressions won't pay the bills. It's leads and sales that matter and guarantee long-term growth.

Let's ditch the guesswork. By diving deep into data and code, I uncover the real winners, keeping your money where it belongs - in your pocket. Ready for results that speak louder than clicks? Let's make it happen.


Ads management starting at $1,500 per month per campaign. No hidden fees, no surprises.

How long

While setup durations can vary, we typically have you up and running in about 30 days. You'll start seeing results just 30 days after that.



How many of these do you still depend on?

  • Google Analytics: Now phased out, replaced by a even more complicated GA4
  • Facebook Pixel: Notorious poor tracking that drastically increases cost per lead
  • Google Ads Dashboard: Falls short to track and report all conversions
  • Site cookies: Frowned upon by new laws and easy to disable today's users
  • Site builders (Wordpress, Clickfunnels, Wix, Squarespace, etc): Slow sites bloated with unknown 3rd party installed softwares

It's tough to grow if your business still depends on outdated tools

Unfortunately what used to work, now doesn't. New privacy laws, updates to browsers and operating systems make these tools now obsolete. Meaning: the right strategies now fall short when you can't see what's making you (or losing) money.

Some simple signs you've might have noticed:

  • • Can't connect the dots between marketing and revenue
  • • Doing more now just to get the same results
  • • Higher costs to get a client

No, you don't need to settle for old tech or strategies...and you shouldn't have to spend more to get less. Let me help you take control of your ads and budget, that's what I do best!

Why Me:

hero-image-demo Hey I'm Alejandro a marketing freelancer and developer

Marketing + Data analysis + Custom apps

Your business is one-of-a-kind, and it demands solutions tailored precisely to its uniqueness. That's why, for over five years, I've refined the art of integrating marketing expertise, data insights, and software engineering to confront your business challenges head-on.

Now, let's get down to business and focus on what really matters - optimizing your ad campaigns for maximum impact. I'm here to help!


The boring and proven way I get results

01. Cut the crap - Analysis

Streched too thin? Balls don't drop when you reduce complexity. With so many options where to advertise, how do you choose where to focus your finite resources? I use data tools like my demo above to laser in on what moves the needle for your business and then cut what doesn't work.

02. Done for you ad campaigns - Strategy

Getting daily leads is hard. Getting the right leads for your business without wasting your time and money is even harder. I create irresistible ads your audience won't scroll past and reach the right audience at the right time. This way you get more conversions and make your ad dollars go further.

03. Trackable = better results - Optimize

If you can't see what's working, you start shutting down your goldmine campaigns. Success is measured in leads and sales, not impressions, or followers. Effective marketing tracks the quality of leads, and how much you're making back. It improves overtime because you know exactly what works based on data, not wild guesses.


Google Ads

Lots of people are searching for your services right now. Instantly show your business in front of them.

Social Media Ads

Half your ad budget while targeting people who've clearly shown interest in your products.

Print Magazine

Harness the longevity and power of magazine advertising. Put your brand and message in the hands of your target audience.


Are valuable deals falling through the cracks? Set systems in place to boost your team productivity without redundant manual work.

Data Tracking

Discover where your leads and sales are coming from with insights and tools tailored for your business.


Reduce stress and repetitive tasks for you and your team, and help your visitors get what they want faster while increasing your profits.